It’s déjà vu all over again

What hospitality most wants from Government now is to be allowed to open, to start trading and be able to play a part in the country’s economic recovery – and as soon as possible. Continued

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New criteria for event planning in an unpredictable world

This choice of topic would be pretty bold in the best of times, and if a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that ‘predicting’ and ‘controlling’ are dangerous words to throw around when change is the only constant. ... Continued

Breathing life back into London

London’s economy received a small vote of confidence this month with the news that ExCel, the giant exhibition complex in Docklands, not only wants to reopen for business but to grow in size with new space and facilities. ... Continued

What shape the new economy?

If the Government wants to save our city centres, it will need to do more than just urge people back into their offices. ... Continued

24 Feb 2021

Testing, testing

Regular workplace Covid testing now looks certain to be a key feature in getting Britain back to work when lockdown eventually ends. ... Continued ...

24 Feb 2021

Saving private enterprise

Did health secretary Matt Hancock really suggest in cabinet the idea of a moratorium on all international travel for a month to stop new COVID variants coming into the country? ... Continued ...

24 Feb 2021

No way back from the digital world

You don’t need to be clairvoyant to spot the major trends that are going to reshape our business landscape. Most are already out there in clear sight. ... Continued ...

02 Feb 2021

The case for positive pragmatism

Bill Gates is worth listening to. You don’t have to agree with the Microsoft and Gates Foundation co-founder, but he is often right – whether its about business or politics. ... Continued ...

08 Jan 2021

Thanks for your support in 2020 – now to strengthen our global connections in 2021

None of us need reminding of the horrendously challenging year it was last year for the restaurant and bar industry around the globe – not least in the UK and USA. We have all had our plans blown away, but worked as best we could to keep our busi ... Continued ...

08 Jan 2021

Look back in anguish

This is usually the time of year for quiet reflection, but does anyone really want to look back on 2020? Nobody needs reminding what a horrendous 12 months it has been - and continues to be. ... Continued ...

27 Nov 2020

Time to adjust the optics

Hospitality is angry, very angry. Never have I witnessed such fury towards a British Government from so many reasonable and intelligent people right across the out-of-home market. The challenge now is how to channel that collective outrage and intense sense of injustice. ... Continued ...

23 Nov 2020

10 takeaways from CGAs Big Peach 2020 Digital Experience

CGA’s virtual conference on November 18 laid out not just the realities of trading in 2020, but some reasons to be hopeful for the year ahead. Here are 10 of the messages from sector leaders. ... Continued ...

23 Nov 2020

Creating the playbook: start at the beginning

When David Campbell took on the top job at Wagamama one of the first things he did was start to read. The book was The Way of the Noodle, part written and inspired by Wagamama’s enigmatic creator Alan Yau. ... Continued ...

05 Nov 2020

What global markets have in common - 10 webinar takeaways

The worldwide nature of the COVID crisis and its impact on the on-premise market was laid out at the latest CGA and Atlantic Club webinar. But despite differing local trading restrictions, there is a core of consumers that still want to go out, are happy with what they find and are willing to spend more. ... Continued ...